Apple iWatch could certainly be a reality

The rumours around on the internet about Apple's latest addition to it's iRange of products is true, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal. The iWatch as it has reportedly been called is supposedly being tested at Foxconn facilities in China. It has been described as having a curved glass body along with watch-like aesthetics, there also seems to be multiple devices being tested at the center.

But the reports have not been very clear on what the supposed iWatch is going to do and what features it will have that will make it stand out of the rest of the watches out there in the market. The rumours about the iWatch is also not very new, there was a similar news doing rounds back in December about the wearable device.

The New York Times, which was the first to report the news about the device reported that Apple's watch would be able to move away from the crowd thanks to it's understanding of how glass can curve around the human body, if this is the case, then the body could be made from the same material as the Gorilla Glass material used on the iPhone which has been known to have a flexible version called Willow Glass. This was confirmed by Pete Bocko, the CTO of Corning Glass, the company that made the Gorilla Glass and the Willow Glass.

Though, the iWatch certainly could certainly find a lot of buyers, it remains to be seen what radical features it would bring to the watch industry which has not changed much over the last decade. Also, it must be noted that already there are a number of straps + iPod Nano kits that are being sold as watches and these are quite popular as well. But if Apple chooses to launch the iWatch, it certainly could be a competition for some companies like Casio and Sony that produce electronic watches. Sony already has an Android-compatible watch called SmartWatch which is compatible with Android smartphones manufactured by both Sony or other Android manufacturers.

Only time will tell whether Apple will strike gold again with it's watch if it ever chooses to release such a device. Google could also give the watch some competition with it's Google Glass project, the Google Glass could certainly become a product being sold in retail stores very soon.


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